June 2016 – Summary

June was a month of two halves, the first being warm and dry with copious amounts of sunshine during which time we experienced record high temperatures for the time of year, the latter dull, wet and windy.

The month began with clear skies and 16 hours of sunshine on the 1st. The weather continued in this vein until the 17th, during which time there were 7 days when temperatures rose above 20°C, the highest being 23.3°C on the 5th, a record high for the month of June. We also recorded our highest June Heat Index (23.3°C), and highest Daily Temperature Range (12.2°C) on the same day . Our highest June Apparent Temperature (24.3°C) and Dew Point (18.0°C) was also recorded on the 6th and 7th respectively.

During this period, there were 12 dry days and only 8.4mm of rain. This minimal amount accompanied lower than average rainfall during the previous two months, prompting the local water company to issue a warning to every household regarding water usage and the need to conserve supplies. This was tantamount to a hosepipe ban and prompted discussions about a drought and the phrase “we need some rain” was to be heard for the first time in living memory.

Those who uttered the phrase were soon to have their wish granted as the wind veered to the south on the 18th bringing cloud, rain and lower temperatures until the end of the month. Despite the fall in temperatures, the month ended as our warmest June with an average temperature (1 minute) of 13.8°C.

Summary for June 2016

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)         13.8                        Record High for the month of June
Mean (min+max)        14.2                        Record High for the month of June
Mean Minimum           11.0
Mean Maximum          17.4                       Record High for the month of June
Minimum                        6.8          17th      Record High for the month of June
Maximum                     23.3           5th       Record High for the month of June
Highest Minimum        13.3            4th
Lowest Maximum        13.4          16th       Record High for the month of June
Air frosts                           0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month         39.0
Wettest day               5.8           28th            Record Low for the month of June
High rain rate           63.6           29th
Rain days                 18

Days >= 2.0mm        6
Days >= 10.0mm      0
Days>= 20.0mm       0

Dry days        12

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust            34.0       15th
Average Speed        8.3
Wind Run            5991.2 miles
Gale days                  0

Pressure (mb):
Maximum            1032.28          1st
Minimum               997.33        30th

Days with snow falling                  0
Days with snow lying at 0900       0

Total hours of sunshine          153.4
No. of Sunshine Days              24
Sunniest Day          1st           16.0 hours