Spring 2016 – Summary

The snow and below average temperatures in April were countered by the clear skies and higher temperatures of May, which ensured that statistically, Spring 2016 passed without too much of note.

The passage of March was uneventful apart from it being the calmest here at Askernish. Temperatures struggled in April in a keen wind and there were four consecutive days when snow fell towards the end of the month. Although the winds remained northerly in May, the dry, clear weather resulted in record amounts of sunshine and days when the temperature rose above 15°C.

Summaries for the three months that constitute Spring precede this summary on the blog.

Statistical Summary for Spring 2016 (March – May 2016)

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)           8.4
Mean (min+max)          8.5
Mean Minimum            5.4
Mean Maximum         11.5
Minimum                      -1.4              26th April
Maximum                    26.7              9th May
Highest Minimum        13.4             10th May
Lowest Maximum         5.8              5th March
Days above 20˚C          5
Days above 15˚C         15                                          Record high for Spring
Days below 0˚C             2
Days below -5˚C            0
Air frosts                           2
Rainfall (mm):
Total for period              180.8
Wettest day                   17.0               25th March
High rain rate                  34.4                1st May
Rain days                          5
Days >= 2.0mm                29
Days >= 10.0mm               2
Days>= 20.0mm                0
Dry days                          38
Wind (mph):
Highest Gust                   47.0                    2nd March
Average Speed                9.8
Wind Run                  21623.1 miles
Gale days                         0
Predominant Direction             NNE

Pressure (mb):
Maximum                   1038.41              14th March
Minimum                      969.12               26th March                   Lowest recorded in Spring

Days with snow falling                    4                          Record high for Spring
Days with snow lying at 0900               0

Total hours of sunshine             502.0               Record high for Spring
No. of Sunshine Days                  80
Sunniest Day         25th May    15.8