April 2016 – Summary

Despite the chilly temperatures and snow that the predominantly northerly winds inflicted upon us, this April was not quite as cold as April 2013. One consolation was that with clearer skies, this was the sunniest April here at Askernish.


With the wind having a keen edge all month, April felt chill despite temperatures reaching double figures on numerous occasions. With a mean temperature of 7.0°C, as with the rest of the UK this April was not our coldest. That honour remains with the April of 2013 when the mean temperature was just 6.4°C.

Low temperatures towards the end of the month meant that any precipitation fell as snow as it did on four consecutive days (25th – 29th). Although it did not settle for any length of time except on the hills, this was a record number of days with snow falling for April.

With the northerlies came clearer skies resulting in 168.9 hours of sunshine, a record high for April at our station.

Rainfall of 52.2mm was a little above average but continued the trend of April becoming one of our driest months of the year.

An average wind speed of 10.2mph for the month was also a little above average, but a high gust of 39.0mph was the lowest recorded here in April.


Statistical Summary – April 2016

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)           7.0
Mean (min+max)          7.0
Mean Minimum             4.0
Mean Maximum          10.1
Minimum                       -1.4         26th
Maximum                     13.6         11th
Highest Minimum          7.2          10th          Lowest Recorded in April
Lowest Maximum          7.3          25th
Air frosts                           2

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month          52.2
Wettest day                9.0            1st
High rain rate            26.8            6th
Rain days                  20
Dry days                    10
Days >= 2.0mm           9
Days >= 10.0mm         0
Days>= 20.0mm          0

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust             39.0           1st            Lowest recorded in April
Average Speed       10.2
Wind Run              7350.9 miles
Gale days                   0
Predominant Direction       NW

Pressure (mb):
Maximum              1032.07        20th
Minimum               993.23          5th

Days with snow falling                      4        Record High for April
Days with snow lying at 0900          0

Total hours of sunshine         168.9           Record High for April
No. of Sunshine Days              29
Sunniest Day         10th       11.8 hours