March 2016 – Summary

Yet another month when many records tumbled, a continuing trend which shows no signs of abating. Most noticeable was that this was our calmest March and there were 10 consecutive days without rain.

A prolonged calm and dry spell ensured that this was our calmest March with an average wind speed of just 9.0mph resulting in a wind run of 6668.1 miles. During this period, no rain was recorded on 10 consecutive days between 13th – 22nd and the 16th was our sunniest March day with 10.1 hours of sunshine. Also the highest March temperature (15.4°C) and the highest March daily temperature range of 11.1°C (15.4°C – 4.3°C) was recorded on the 15th plus the highest March apparent temperature of 14.1°C occurred on the 16th.

Despite the prolonged dry spell, rainfall for the month was above average helped by 17mm falling on the 25th, our wettest March day.

2 other records of note were: the lowest March humidity of 39% recorded on the 15th and the lowest March pressure recorded, that of 969.1mb during the early hours of the 26th.

Apologies for the briefer than usual summary. This was due to the station being unmanned throughout the month.

Statistical Summary for March 2016

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)            6.7
Mean (min+max)           6.9
Mean Minimum              4.2
Mean Maximum             9.5
Minimum                         0.2    on 5th
Maximum                      15.4    on 15th
Highest Minimum           8.7    on 12th
Lowest Maximum           5.8    on 5th
Air frosts     0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month        89.4
Wettest day            17.0    on 25th                      Record high for March
High rain rate          16.8    on 24th
Rain days         21
Dry days          10
Days >= 2.0mm     14
Days >= 10.0mm     2
Days>= 20.0mm      0

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust         47.0    on 2nd
Average Speed     9. 0                             Record low for March
Wind Run            6668.1 miles                  Record low for March
Gale days     0

Pressure (mb):
Maximum       1038.41       on 14th
Minimum          969.12       on 26th              Record low for March

Days with snow falling                   0
Days with snow lying at 0900       0

Total hours of sunshine      89.7
No. of Sunshine Days        24
Sunniest Day           10.1 hours on 16th          Sunniest March day