January 2016 – Summary

It seems that hardly a month goes by these days without a record being broken. While the wind and rain continued to dominate our weather throughout January, no headline records were broken despite the best efforts of Gertrude, our seventh storm of the winter. There was however some very unseasonal high temperatures elsewhere in the UK and during one such period we recorded our highest ever January temperature. With so much cloud accumulation associated with these weather patterns and high temperatures, it was no surprise that this was our dullest January.

Looking back over the month, it was dull, wet and windy. It began in that fashion with slightly lower than average temperatures and rainfall, with winds gusting to 45mph in an easterly air steam until the wind backed North on the 10th. This brought calmer, clearer conditions with less cloud and wind during which time we experienced some sunshine but lower temperatures. Our only two air frosts of the month occurred on the 13th and then again on the 15th when temperatures fell to -2.2°C but oddly enough, the 15th was our sunniest ever January day with 4.0 hours of sunshine being recorded. Some cloud developed on the 16th raising the temperature slightly until Southerlies brought much warmer and humid conditions from the 22nd onwards.

Our highest ever January temperature of 11.2°C occurred on the 22nd, only to be superseded on 24th when the mercury reached 12.3°C. Several associated records were also broken for January, that of Heat Index (12.3°C) and Dew Point (11.4°C). We also recorded our highest ever January Minimum Temperature on same day when the temperature did not fall below 10.7°C.

A series of Atlantic fronts driving in from the south, dragging extremely moist air with it meant that certain parts of the UK again experienced high winds, torrential rain and flooding. For us, the heaviest rain fell early morning on the 23rd when 9.8mm fell in just 1 hour, another January record here at Askernish.

High winds and rain continued until the 28th when Gertrude arrived bringing lower temperatures, more rain, sleet and snow showers and stronger winds resulting in 2 consecutive gale days and our lowest ever January Apparent Temperature of -12.0°C on 29th.

Summary for January 2016

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)         5.9
Mean (min+max)        5.8
Mean Minimum           3.9
Mean Maximum         7.8
Minimum                     -2.2      13th
Maximum                   12.3      24th      Record High for the month of January
Highest Minimum      10.7       24th      Record High for the month of January
Lowest Maximum        3.9      13th
Air frosts    2

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month        149.8
Wettest day              17.2      22nd
High rain rate            71.6      22nd
Rain days                  28
Days >= 2.0mm        22
Days >= 10.0mm        4
Days>= 20.0mm         0
Dry days             3

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust              66.0      28th
Average Speed       14.4
Wind Run             10709.0 miles
Gale days          2
Predominant wind direction SSE

Pressure (mb):
Maximum            1030.21      15th
Minimum               969.63      10th

Days with snow falling                 1
Days with snow lying at 0900      0

Total hours of sunshine          22.9      Record Low for the month of January
No. of Sunshine Days              18
Sunniest Day    15th           4.0 hours     Our Sunniest January day ever