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Autumn 2015 – Summary

The beginning of December heralds the start of the meteorological winter and the end of autumn which consists of the months September, October and November. The many extreme weather events that have already occurred around the world this year, including the fact that 2015 will be the warmest Globally, have been attributed to the El Niño conditions that have existed for most of the year, plus global warming. While El Niño has a less obvious effect on our weather here in the Northern hemisphere, its influence upon weather systems around the world can be long lived.

Here in Askernish, it might surprise people that this Autumn has been our driest and also our dullest. Although the enduring memory might be the storms that have been personalised by the Met Office who now name them, as much as they huffed and puffed, gusting to 67 mph and reaching wind speeds of 41 mph, they failed to surpass the winds of Autumn 2011 when the seasonal average wind speed was 11.7 mph

Summaries for the three months that constitute Autumn precede this summary on the blog.

Statistical Summary

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)             10.6
Mean (min+max)            10.6
Mean Minimum                8.4
Mean Maximum             12.8
Minimum                           1.1            20th November
Maximum                        19.3            11th September
Highest Minimum           12.9            10th September            Record low for Autumn
Lowest Maximum            5.6             20th November
Air frosts                             0
Days above 20˚C            0
Days above 15˚C           14
Days below 0˚C               0
Days below -5˚C              0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for period              205.6                                                  Record low for Autumn
Wettest day                     16.4        12th September               Record low for Autumn
High rain rate                   65.0        23rd September
Rain days                         69
Days >= 2.0mm               33
Days >= 10.0mm               2
Days>= 20.0mm                0
Dry days                           22

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust                   67.0         12th November               Record high for Autumn
Average Speed              11.3
Wind Run                  24,717.6 miles
Gale days                           1

Pressure (mb):
Maximum                1037.63         30th September
Minimum                   981.48         15th November                 Record high for Autumn

Days with snow falling                       0
Days with snow lying at 0900            0

Total hours of sunshine       179.4 hours                                 Record low for Autumn
No. of Sunshine Days              60                                            Record low for Autumn
Sunniest Day               8.6 hours      29th September

November 2015 – Summary

With NOAA having already announced that 2015 is going to be Globally the warmest year on record, plus the UK experiencing its highest ever November temperature, these are phenomena that seem to have passed us by here. All that we can confidently predict is that 2015 will not break any temperature records at Askernish, but it will be our windiest ever year. As for our November, it will be remembered for the Met Office naming storms for the very first time and then the first three, Abigail, Barney and Clodagh, ensuring that this was our windiest November with our first ever November gale day.

November began here as it did elsewhere in the UK with higher than average temperatures. While we did not experience the record breaking November “highs” seen elsewhere, we did record our highest ever November Minimum Temperature of 12.2°C on the 1st and then our highest November Apparent Temperature of 11.7°C on the 4th. Temperatures remained above “the norm” for the first ten days of the month, helped by persistent cloud which maintained the night time temperatures but very much restricted the hours of sunshine recorded.

Abigail, the first storm to be named by the Met Office, passed over our islands on the 12/13th leaving in it’s wake our windiest November day and our first ever November gale day on the 12th. On that day, the winds peaked at 67.0 mph, and with a maximum wind speed of 41.0 mph. The average wind speed for the day was 27.0 mph which produced a wind run 645.9 miles, all of which are records for the month of November.

There was little respite before the remnants of Hurricane Kate brought windy conditions again on 16th, and although Kate was not as bad as Abigail, this was only because it had less persistent wind speeds. Kate was quickly followed by Barney which although passing further south, it still brought some wet and windy conditions on the 17/18th.

Barney left us exposed to a more Northerly air stream which was very much colder and gave us the first taste of winter. A mixture of rain, sleet , hail and an ever present chill wind persisted until the end of the month, during which time Clodagh arrived on the 29th, again bringing strong winds gusting to 60 mph on that day.

The cloud and overcast conditions, a feature throughout the month, ensured that it was our dullest November with only 33.1 hours of sunshine being recorded on 19 sunshine days, both record lows for November. Despite the cloud, the early part of the month was relatively dry. Even so, there were 28 rain days during the month, 18 of which had more than 2mm of rain fall, another unwelcome record for November.

Statistical Summary

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)           8.6
Mean (min+max)          8.3
Mean Minimum             6.3
Mean Maximum         10.3
Minimum                       1.1      20th
Maximum                    12.9        1st
Highest Minimum        12.2       1st           Record High for the month of November
Lowest Maximum         5.6       20th
Air frosts 0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month         103.6
Wettest day                10.4       15th
High rain rate              61.0        8th
Rain days                      28
Days >= 2.0mm            18                        Record High for the month of November
Days >= 10.0mm            1
Days>= 20.0mm             0
Dry days                          2

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust               67.0      12th           Record High for the month of November
Average Speed         14.1                        Record High for the month of November
Wind Run             10133.0 miles                Record High for the month of November
Gale days                    1
Predominent Direction      SW

Pressure (mb):
Maximum           1022.90           22nd
Minimum             981.48             15th

Days with snow falling    0
Days with snow lying at 0900      0

Total hours of sunshine    33.1                 Record Low for the month of November
No. of Sunshine Days         19                  Record Low for the month of November
Sunniest Day                   22nd          4.3 hours