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Our Windiest November Day

Abigail may have been and gone, but she did produce our windiest November day with an average wind speed of 27.0 mph and a wind run of 645.9 miles. During the day, winds gusted to 67 mph with a wind speed of 41 mph, both record highs for November. More surprisingly this was our first November Gale Day to be recorded here in  Askernish.


October 2015 – Summary

October turned out to be a contrary month being our warmest, driest and dullest here at Askernish and with warnings that hurricane Joaquin would pass our way, we experienced our calmest ever day.

High pressure continued to dominate early in the month giving rise to our highest October pressure of 1034.99 mb being recorded on the 1st. This domination continued until the 10th bringing with it dryer and calmer conditions, but it also brought its fair share of cloud.

Hurricane Joaquin was forecast to influence our weather mid-month which it did, but not in the way that everyone expected. The remnants of the hurricane passed further south through the Bay of Biscay leaving us becalmed. We enjoyed 3 days with extremely light winds and an eerie silence during which time, with a wind run of just 14.0 miles and an average wind speed of 0.6 miles, the 16th became our calmest ever day here at Askernish.

It was all change from the 19th onwards with the a series of low pressure fronts bringing more familiar weather that lasted until the end of the month, that of stronger winds, some rain and more cloud. The cloud cover was enough to ensure our dullest October while the developing rain was less than usual resulting in it being our driest. The same cloud kept temperatures higher too making this our warmest October with an average of 11.0°C.

Summary for October 2015

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)           11.0                      Record high for the month of October
Mean (min+max)          11.1                      Record high for the month of October
Mean Minimum               8.8
Mean Maximum           13.4
Minimum                         2.8      12th
Maximum                      16.3      27th
Highest Minimum          12.0      9th
Lowest Maximum          11.1      24th           Record high for the month of October
Air frosts           0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month      58.8                        Record low for the month of October
Wettest day             7.8      20th           Record low for the month of October
High rain rate         63.2      28th
Rain days                21
Days >= 2.0mm      –    9                       Record low for the month of October
Days >= 10.0mm    –    0                       Record low for the month of October
Days>= 20.0mm    –    0
Dry days      10

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust      54.0      21st
Average Speed      10.0
Wind Run      7401.2 miles
Gale days      0

Pressure (mb):
Maximum      1034.99      1st                 Record high for the month October
Minimum      989.91        5th

Days with snow falling      0
Days with snow lying at 0900      0

Total hours of sunshine           62.0
No of Sunshine Days              20               Record low for the month of October
Sunniest Day      16th          7.3 hours