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September 2015 – Summary

September’s weather was dominated by high pressure over much of the UK, but with it being always to the south or east of The Hebrides, we remained on the fringe and so did not enjoy the fine, settled conditions experienced elsewhere. Being on the edge of these high pressure systems throughout the month, our weather was influenced by their position, deflecting a succession of weak Atlantic fronts in our direction that brought cloudy and breezy conditions, with the wind oscillating between North and South throughout the month.

Despite the frequent spells of overcast, windy and often chilly conditions, September was a welcome relief from the wet and windy conditions that have prevailed throughout the year. It is also continuing the trend of becoming our driest month with 43.2 mm of rain falling during the month, some 85 mm below the 10 year average (2001-2010) and 23.2 mm below the 5 year average of 2011-15

As high pressure was the major influence during September, it was no surprise that the highest September pressure was recorded here during the month, the highest being 1037.63 mb on the 30th.

Statistical Summary

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)                 12.1
Mean (min+max)                12.4
Mean Minimum                  10.0
Mean Maximum                  14.7
Minimum                               5.1               30th
Maximum                             19.3              11th
Highest Minimum                12.9              10th       Lowest recorded in September
Lowest Maximum                12.8              3rd
Air frosts                                 0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month                 43.2
Wettest day                      16.4          12th
High rain rate                    65.0          23rd
Rain days                             20
Days >= 2.0mm       –           6
Days >= 10.0mm     –           1
Days>= 20.0mm      –           0
Dry days                              10

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust                   47.0           12th
Average Speed             10.0
Wind Run                     7183.1  miles
Gale days                             0
Predominant Direction       S

Pressure (mb):
Maximum                1037.63          30th             Record high for September
Minimum                  991.64           15th

Days with snow falling                    0
Days with snow lying at 0900         0

Total hours of sunshine                 84.3
Sunshine Days                                 21
Sunniest Day            29th              8.6 hours