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Summer 2015 – Summary

With the passing of August, it signals the end of the meteorological summer which consists of the months of June, July and August. Despite July being the hottest on record globally, a phenomenon that passed us by as our summer was the coldest, wettest, windiest and dullest on record here at Askernish. As mentioned in the Spring summary, this is an El Niño  year so nothing should really come as a surprise.

Summaries for the three months that constitute the summer season precede this on the blog, but it is a summer that is probably best forgotten.

Summary for Summer 2015

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)                     12.4                                             record low for summer
Mean (min+max)                   12.7
Mean Minimum                     10.2
Mean Maximum                     15.2                                              record low for summer
Minimum                                  2.6                13th June
Maximum                                24.7               23rd August
Highest Minimum                 13.5                 30th June
Lowest Maximum                 10.4                   1st June              record low for summer
Days above 20°C    –   4
Days above 15°C    –  46                                                             record low for summer
Days below 0°C     –    0
Days below -5°C    –    0
Air frosts 0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for period               238.2                                                record high for summer
Wettest day                        17.4                    9th July
High rain rate 3                  4.4                    5th June
Rain days                              71                                                 record high for summer
Days >= 2.0mm      –     35                                                     record high for summer
Days >= 10.0mm    –       6
Days>= 20.0mm     –      0
Dry days                          21                                                      record low for summer

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust               50.0               1st June
Average Speed              9.6                                                      record high for summer
Wind Run             21107.6 miles                                           record high for summer
Gale days                     0
Predominant Wind Direction      –       South

Pressure (mb):
Maximum             1039.32                 8th June                      record high for summer
Minimum                976.84                 1st June                       record low for summer

Days with snow falling                   0
Days with snow lying at 0900      0

Total hours of sunshine               293.3                                  record low for summer
Number of sunshine days              73
Sunniest day                           14th June      12.4 hours         record low for summer

August 2015 – Summary

At last, a month that unlike its predecessors, bucked the trend of setting unwelcome records. Although it seemed to many that August was just a continuation of the wet, windy and dull conditions, it was in fact an “average” month with one unexpected exception – it was the driest August here at Askernish.

The weather throughout the month was dominated by high pressure over Scandinavia which refused to move, causing a succession of low fronts that swept across the Atlantic to linger. While these fronts persisted over the UK, they brought more of the cloudy, wet and windy conditions that seem to have been with us all year, but thankfully there were some all too brief, calmer, brighter and warmer spells in between these gathering lows.

The month began with hail storms on the 1st, 11.4mm of rain on the 2nd and the lowest pressure (998.76mb) to be recorded here in the month of August during a wet and windy night on the 4th. As each low pressure system passed, it became calmer and a little warmer, but the cloud and light rain persisted. The total rainfall for the month was 61.0 mm, making this our driest August. Perversely, rain fell on 28 days, the highest number recorded here during the month of August.

Temperatures were just a little below average for August due to the cloud raising night time temperatures to such an extent that there was only a 1.5°C variation (13.9°C – 12.4°C) on the 8th, the lowest daily temperature range recorded here in Askernish during August. In contrast, when the skies did clear, daytime temperatures rose, but overnight temperatures fell sharply causing a daily temperature range of 12.9°C (20.8°C – 7.9°C) on the 17th, the highest daily temperature range recorded here at Askernish in August. These clearer skies also allowed temperatures to rise above 20°C on two occasions. Peaking on the 23rd at 24.7°C, this was a record high for August at our station as was the associated apparent temperature (23.0°C) and heat index (24.7°C).

Although sunshine was in limited supply, 91.6 hours were recorded and shone for 0.5 hours or more on 27 days, the latter being a record high for August. The best spell was when the skies again cleared briefly on the 18th resulting in 10.4 hours of sunshine, our sunniest day of the month.

Statistical Summary

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)           13.4
Mean (min+max)         13.8
Mean Minimum            11.1
Mean Maximum           16.5
Minimum                         7.9               17th
Maximum                      24.7               23rd                           Record high for the month of August
Highest Minimum       13.3                 20th
Lowest Maximum        13.6                31st
Air frosts 0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month             61.0                                                 Record low for the month of August
Wettest day                   11.4              2nd                           Record low for the month of August
High rain rate                30.2              28th
Rain days                       28
Dry days                           3
Days >= 2.0mm    –       11
Days >= 10.0mm  –         1                                                     Record low for the month of August
Days>= 20.0mm   –        0
Dry days                            9

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust                 41.0               4th
Average Speed              9.9
Wind Run                 7362.0 miles
Gale days                            0

Pressure (mb):
Maximum                1023.51               12th
Minimum                  988.76                3rd                           Record low for the month of August

Days with snow falling                     0
Days with snow lying at 0900          0

Total hours of sunshine             91.6
Number of sunshine days           27                                   Record high for the month of August
Sunniest day        18th               10.7 hours                       Record low for the month of August