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July 2015 – Summary

Like almost every other month of this year, July followed the trend of it being the wettest, windiest, dullest, and coldest (July) on record here at Askernish.

There was a perception that the weather improved slightly during the month but low temperatures and cloud dominated, there only being the occasional bright and sunny interludes in between the bouts of rain.

The rain, heavy at times, fell on 22 days of the month, 14 of which experienced over 2.0 mm of rainfall with 4 of those days being over 10.0 mm, all records for July here at this station. The highest hourly rain for July occurred on the 7th when 7.0mm fell in less than 60 minutes. In total, 104.0 mm fell during the month, yet another unwelcome record for July here at Askernish.

With low pressure to the west over the Atlantic throughout the month, it meant that the winds veered from North to South, but whatever the direction, it drew cold air down from the north which was accompanied by cloud and rain. Whatever the direction, the winds were consistent and persistent averaging 8.8 mph resulting in a wind run of 6564.9 miles, both records for the month of July here at Askernish

While the mainland experienced its highest temperature ever recorded, that of 36.8°C at Heathrow, temperatures here struggled all month barely reached 15° C after the 6th, having risen to above 20°C for the first time this year on the 3rd (20.8°C) and then again on the 6th (20.3°C). Temperatures would have been even lower had it not been for the cloud helping night time temperatures which only varied by some 2°C on many occasions. Despite this, a dew point of 5.3°C on the 9th and a wind chill of 5.1°C on the 10th were both record lows for July. Overall, the average temperature (1 min) for the month was 12.8°C, making it the coldest July on record here at Askernish.

The same cloud caused it to be our dullest July with only 121.1 hours of sunshine, but contrary to that there were 26 days when the sun shone for more than 0.5 hours a record high for July.

Statistical Summary

Temperature (°C):

Mean (1 minute) 12.8                                      Record low for the month of July
Mean (min+max) 13.1                                    Record low for the month of July
Mean Minimum 10.5
Mean Maximum 15.7                                      Record low for the month of July
Minimum 7.7     8th
Maximum 20.8     3rd
Highest Minimum 13.1     3rd                          Record low for the month of July
Lowest Maximum 13.5     29th
Air frosts 0

Rainfall (mm):

Total for month 104.0                                    Record high for the month of July
Wettest day 17.4             9th
High rain rate 24.0       11th
Rain days 22                                                   Record high for the month of July
Days >= 2.0mm – 14                                      Record high for the month of July
Days >= 10.0mm – 4                                      Record high for the month of July
Days>= 20.0mm – 0
Dry days 9

Wind (mph):

Highest Gust     37.0     17th
Average Speed   8.8                                      Record high for the month of July
Wind Run   6564.9 miles                                 Record high for the month of July
Gale days 0

Pressure (mb):

Maximum 1023.00 3rd
Minimum 990.76 17th

Days with snow falling     0
Days with snow lying at 0900     0

Total hours of sunshine   118.7
Number of sunshine days   26                   Record high for the month of July
Sunniest day     15th       12.1 hours           Record low for the month of July