Monthly Archives: December 2014

First Air Frost of the Year

With clear skies and a northerly airflow, the temperature fell below 0’C yesterday evening (27th December) for the very first time this year.

This is our first air frost (when the air temperature is zero or less) here at Askernish since 21st November 2013 (when temperatures fell to -1.5’C)

Our Wettest Year

With steady rain falling today (21st December), 2014 has become our wettest year here at Askernish. The previous record of 1093mm of rainfall was exceeded at 13.28 and with 10 days remaining, this new record sure to be higher yet.

A short-lived record…

The “weather bomb” continued to exert its influence on our weather throughout yesterday resulting in another record breaking day! As forecast, the record high wind run of yesterday lasted just a day.

During the day (10th December), although winds only gusted to 65 mph, the average wind speed for the 24 hour period was 33.2 mph resulting in a wind run of 795.0 miles, both new record highs!

Winds are expected to ease slowly returning to what is considered “normal” for here by Saturday.

Our windiest day!

9th December 2014

With the arrival of the phenomenon known as a “Weather Bomb”, the 9th December 2014 proved to be our windiest day ever here at Askernish. The winds, although not as strong as sometimes experienced, they were of a consistent strength to produce a daily wind run of 740.6 miles.  Winds peaked at 69 mph during the night when wind speeds touched 45 mph but were not sustained long enough for it to register as a “Gale Day”.

With this weather bomb due to influence our weather for several more days yet and with increasing winds forecast for today, this record is likely to be short lived.

To learn more about weather bombs, visit the Met office website at: