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July 2014 – Summary


July was a mixture of sunshine and showers with cloudy conditions persisting on and off throughout the month. When the cloud did clear, long sunny intervals where the order of day with temperatures reaching 27.7°C, a record high for this station. In fact July was the warmest month ever recorded at this station with all the headline “high” records being exceeded. Unfortunately the cloudy and sometimes overcast conditions also resulted in more rainfall than usual for this time of year with this July being the wettest on record at this station.


The month started with warm sunshine but soon settled into a pattern of sunshine and showers with wet and windy conditions developing on the 2nd which persisted until the 4th. During this period, the winds gusted to 40mph and 18.2 mm of rain fell on the 4th, both record highs for the month of July.

The cloud thinned on the 5th giving way to some brighter weather but with showers still persisting until the 9th, when the wind veered North West bring clear, bright and sunny conditions which continued until the 11th .

With winds backing again to the South, the cloudy conditions returned bringing rain on the 12th and then showers which continued until 17th . Despite these conditions, temperatures were rising with a high of 21.8°C being recorded on the 17th.

With the wind now easing and turning Easterly on the 18th , it remained cloudy with warm sunny intervals and temperatures exceeding 20°C for the next 7 consecutive days. The cloud had the effect of raising minimum temperatures as well as bringing misty conditions in the early mornings. During this period, thehighest ever minimum temperature (16.2°C) was recorded on the 18th and the highest ever temperature (27.7°C) on the 24th.

With winds veering to the South on the 26th , it meant the return of cloudier conditions with showers which persisted until the end of the month.

Statistical Summary

This month was the warmest on record at this station with a mean temperature (1 minute) of 15.3°C. All the headline “high” records were also exceeded including highest temperature (27.7°C) on the 24th and thehighest minimum (16.2°) on 18th. During the warm spell, the humidity fell to 52% on the 24th, a record low for the month of July at this station.

Rain was recorded on 20 days of the month resulting in a total of 66.8 mm, the most for the month of July ever recorded at this station.

The average wind speed was 8.0 mph resulting in a wind run of 5960.9 miles. The highest gust was 40 mph on the 3rd, the highest ever recorded in the month of July at this station. The predominant wind direction was SSW.

As for sunshine, a total of 142.9 hours were recorded on 23 sunshine days with 4 days exceeding 10 hours, the highest being 11.9 hours on the 24th.

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute) 15.3
Mean (min+max) 15.5
Mean Minimum 12.4
Mean Maximum 18.6
Minimum 7.9    –    5th
Maximum 27.7    –    24th       A station record
Highest Minimum 16.2    –    18th       A station record
Lowest Maximum 15.6   –    4th

Highest Heat Index 28.7    – 24th      A station record
Highest Apparent Temperature 29.3    –    24th       A station record
Highest Daily Temperature Range 14.3    –  24th       A station record
Air frosts 0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month 66.8    –       Record high for July
Wettest day 18.2    –    3rd       Record high for July
High rain rate 26.6 – 5th
Rain days 20
Dry days 11
Days >= 0.2mm – 20
Days >= 0.2mm – 9
Days >= 0.2mm – 0

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust 40.0    –    3rd       Record high for July
Average Speed 8.0
Wind Run 5960.9 miles
Gale days 0

Pressure (mb):
Maximum 1024.59    –    9th
Minimum 991.54    –    3rd

Days with snow falling    0
Days with snow lying at 0900    0

Total hours of sunshine 142.9