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June 2014 – Summary


With high pressure persisting throughout the month, this was the warmest June since our records began (2011) with all the high temperature records being exceeded despite the predominant wind direction being Northerly. A mean temperature of 13.7°C was 1.2°C above the 10 year average.


The month began in a Southerly airflow with drizzle and misty conditions prevailing, the highest daily rainfall (8.6mm) for the month being recorded on the 1st. Winds veered East over the next few days bringing brighter and calmer conditions with temperatures reaching 22.1°C on the 7th.

Bright, dry and calmer conditions then prevailed throughout the month with varying amounts of cloud and sunshine despite the winds varying in direction from South, through North and eventually veering East by the end of the month. Winds were light and there was below average rainfall, there being 18 days when no rainfall was recorded. There were 4 days when the daily sunshine exceeded 10 hours with 13.6 hours being recorded on the 26th.

Temperatures for the month were above normal (10 year average for June 12.5°C) at 13.7°C, this being the warmest June since our records began (2011). Not only were ALL the heading “high temperature” records exceeded, but also the highest heat index (22.1°C), apparent temperature (22.0°C) and dew point (16.2°C). A new record for the month of June was also recorded for the lowest daily temperature range at 1.2°C, set on the 1st. The temperature reached over 20°C on 2 occasions, the highest being 22.1°C on the 7th.

Rain was recorded on just 12 days of the month equalling the record low for any month. A total of 35.0 mm of rain fell on those days.

The average wind speed was 7.4 mph resulting in a wind run of 5337.9 miles. The highest gust was 27 mph on the 1st. The predominant wind direction was WNW

As for sunshine, a total of 122.9 hours were recorded on 26 sunshine days with 4 days exceeding 10 hours, the highest being 13.6 hours on the 26th.

Statistical Summary

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute) 13.7    –    Record high for the month of June
Mean (min+max) 14.0    –    Record high for the month of June
Mean Minimum 11.2    –    Record high for the month of June
Mean Maximum 16.8    –    Record high for the month of June
Minimum 6.7    –    3rd    Record high for the month of June
Maximum 22.1    –    7th    Record high for the month of June
Highest Minimum 13.8    –    24th    Record high for the month of June
Lowest Maximum 13.0    –    1st    Record high for the month of June
Air frosts 0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month 35.0
Wettest day 8.6    –    1st
High rain rate 8.4    –    1st
Rain days 12
Dry days 18
Days >= 0.2mm – 12
Days >= 0.2mm – 7
Days >= 0.2mm – 0

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust 27.0    –    1st
Average Speed 7.4
Wind Run 5337.9 miles
Gale days 0

Pressure (mb):
Maximum 1033.43    –    15th
Minimum 1007.28    –    3rd

Days with snow falling 0
Days with snow lying at 0900 0

Total hours of sunshine 122.9