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May 2014 – Summary


The passage of May was unremarkable except that it was the warmest month here in Askernish with the average temperature exceeding that of the past 3 years. Temperatures also rose above 20°C for the first time this year.


May began cloudy and dull with showers and the occasional sunny period. Cloud increased on the 9th bringing overnight rain after which the wind veered North bringing brighter, calmer and clear conditions on the 10th . While temperatures rose with 14.1 hours of sunshine on 13th, it felt chill in the northerly winds.

Winds veered South on 14th, bringing cloudy, wetter, more blustery conditions resulting in 11.2mm of rain on 17th. The winds backed North and eased on the 19th, bringing cloudy but drier conditions with temperatures rising to the mid teens. The month ended with the winds veering South yet again on 26th and with the cloud thinning this brought some long, warm sunny periods with the temperature reaching 20.1°C on 28th.

Although temperatures were around normal (10 year average 10.4°C) for this time of year, at   10.8°C, this was the warmest month of May since our records began (2011). The temperature reached over 20°C for the first time this year on 28th while the minimum temperature was 2.7°C.

Rain was recorded on 20 days of the month which amounted to a total of 66.4mm.

The average wind speed was 8.8 mph resulting in a wind run of 6515.9 miles. The highest gust was 38 mph on the 5th.

As for sunshine, a total of 110.3 hours were recorded on 24 sunshine days.

Statistical Summary

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)  10.8
Mean (min+max)   11.0
Mean Minimum     8.1
Mean Maximum     13.8
Minimum          2.9    –    12th
Maximum          20.1    –    28th
Highest Minimum  12.0    –    31st
Lowest Maximum   9.1    –    21st
Air frosts       0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month  66.4
Wettest day      11.2    –    17th
High rain rate   26.8    –    6th
Rain days        20
Dry days         11
Days >= 0.2mm – 20
Days >= 0.2mm – 11
Days >= 0.2mm – 0

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust     38.0    –    5th
Average Speed    8.8
Wind Run         6515.9 miles
Gale days        0

Pressure (mb):
Maximum          1032.65    –    15th
Minimum          992.32    –    10th

Days with snow falling         0
Days with snow lying at 0900   0

Total hours of sunshine        110.3

Weather forecast problems

We are currently experiencing problems with the weather forecast as provided by Weather Underground. This is due to them having once agained changed/updated their scripts without prior notification.

While we endeavour to discover what changes we have to make to ours, the forecast will be unavailable.

We hope that “normal service” will be resumed soon.