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March 2014 – Summary


Although drier than previous months, March was still the wettest and windiest since our records beganwhich included the highest wind gust, wind speed and daily wind run. Although temperatures were average for this time of year, a high of 15.5°C and a low apparent temperature of -9.9°C were also records for the month of March.


The month began with rain and a little more sunshine in the continuing brisk Southerly winds. It was not until the 10th when the clouds lifted to give 2 dry days and some welcome sunshine, although it still felt chill in the brisk winds.

This was short lived with rain and clouds returning on the 12th. Winds slowly increased during the next few days peaking  late on 19th with gusts of 56mph and wind speeds of 40mph resulting in the first gale day to be recorded during march at this station. The winds and gathering clouds resulted in 11.2mm of rain falling on that day.

The wet and windy conditions continued until the 23rd when the wind veered North and then East bringing drier, brighter conditions with 10 hours of sunshine being recorded on the 27th. Although temperatures rose above 10°C from 25th onwards, and despite a high of 15.5°C being recorded on the 31st, it still felt chill in the easterly winds.

Temperatures were near normal for this time of year, the average for the month being 7.5°C. There were no air frosts with the minimum temperature being 2.0°C.

Rain was recorded on 23 days of the month which amounted to a total of 84.0 mm, a record high for the month of March.

This was the windiest March ever recorded at this station with an average wind speed of 13.1 mph a wind run of 9773.8 miles,. The highest gust was 56 mph on the 19th when a wind speed of 40mph was recorded resulting in the only gale day to be recorded in March at this station. All these measurements are record highs for March at this station

As for sunshine, a total of 86.6 hours were recorded on 22 sunshine days.

Statistical Summary

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)  7.5
Mean (min+max)   7.5
Mean Minimum     5.3
Mean Maximum     9.6
Minimum          2.0    –    2nd
Maximum          15.5    –    31st    –    New  record high for March
Highest Minimum  8.5        –    31st
Lowest Maximum   6.9    –    1st
Air frosts       0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month  84.0    –    New  record high for March
Wettest day      11.8    –    3rd
High rain rate   22.0    –    19th
Rain days        23
Dry days         8
Days >= 0.2mm    –    23
Days >= 0.2mm    –    14
Days >= 0.2mm    –    0

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust     56.0    –    19th    –    New  record high for March
Average Speed    13.1    –    New  record high for March
Wind Run         9773.8 miles    –    New  record high for March
Gale days        1    –    New  record high for March

Pressure (mb):
Maximum          1035.26    –    11th
Minimum          973.35    –    2nd

Days with snow falling         0
Days with snow lying at 0900   0

Total hours of sunshine        86.6