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February 2014 – Summary


Like the previous two months, February was influenced by the low lying jet stream and will be remembered for the continued wet and windy conditions. The end of the month brought to an end the wettest winter on record for England and Wales (Northern Hemisphere metrological winter is December – February ) but not so for Scotland.  This was because the highlands and the east coast in particular actually recorded lower than average rainfall during this period. This was not true for the West Coast where, here at Askernish, we experienced the wettest and windiest February since our records began with rain fall being recorded on every day of the month.


The month started with a continuation of the dull, wet and breezy conditions experienced during January with the highest wind gust of 52 mph on the 2nd.  Conditions changed on the 6th  with a shift of wind to the East which resulted in brighter, more showery weather which set the tone for the rest of the month.

Despite the wind veering South on the 8th, the brighter and more showery conditions persisted. Although average temperatures were normal for the time of year, it occasionally felt chill with some sleet falling overnight on the 11th. The first snowfall of year occurred on the 12th although it did not settle.

The 16th was the first calm day with some welcome sunshine but the showers returned during the late evening. A period of brief sunny periods and showers, some heavy and wintery, then persisted with 20.8 mm of rain falling on the 19th.

From the 23rd onwards, the showers became less intense and the sun managed to break through more often to at least give the impression that Spring might be on the way at last.

Temperatures were near normal for this time of year, the average for the month being 6.1°C. There were no air frosts with the minimum temperature being 0.9°C.

Rain was recorded on each and every day of the month which amounted to a total of 151.8 mm, a record high for the month of February.

This was the windiest February ever recorded at this station with an average wind speed of 14.2 mph a wind run of 9526.2 miles, both record highs for this station. The highest gust was 52 mph on the 2nd  and there were no gale days.

As for sunshine, a total of 46.0 hours were recorded on 18 sunshine days.

Statistical Summary

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute)  6.1
Mean (min+max)   6.0
Mean Minimum     4.0
Mean Maximum     7.9
Minimum          0.9    –    1st
Maximum          9.8    –    26th
Highest Minimum  6.4        –    25th
Lowest Maximum   5.0    –    11th
Air frosts       0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month  151.8    –    New  record high for February
Wettest day      20.8    –    19th
High rain rate   28.8    –    3rd
Rain days        28
Dry days         0
Days >= 0.2mm    –    28
Days >= 0.2mm    –    22
Days >= 0.2mm    –    1

Wind (mph):
Highest Gust     52.0    –    2nd
Average Speed    14.2    –        New  record high for February
Wind Run         9526.2 miles    –    New  record high for February
Gale days        0

Pressure (mb):
Maximum          1004.85    –    19th
Minimum          950.53    –    8th

Days with snow falling         1
Days with snow lying at 0900   0

Total hours of sunshine        46.0
Sunshine days    –    18